Thursday, 12 August 2010

Just Hangin' Out : The Large Professor Story

How should I start this? How should I begin?
Okay, for all you hip hop vinyl junkies like me, here's the one about how I got my hands on a copy of the 1st Main Source 12" 'Think'.
Back in 94/95 I was at Cutmaster Swift's house one evening, a bunch of us just chilling watching him practise and make beats. The phone rings and Swift starts talking away to somebody on the other end of the line, after a while he says "Dionne says wassup" I'm like, "Dionne?" Swifty says "Dee 2", Oh okay, I getcha. I jump on the phone "Hey Dee, how's it going out in NYC?" "It's cool, things are moving. A bit slow, but it's still better than being in the UK! I'm coming over for a visit soon though. I'm actually at Paul's house right now working on some music." "Paul who?" I ask. "Large Professor Paul" she says. I gotta admit I was little shocked at how casually she dropped that reference to the man who produced the classic Breaking Atoms! After being silent for the respectful amount of seconds, I get what alcholics often refer to as 'a moment of clarity' and ask her for a favour. "Dee, since your coming over (and I'm always looking for a way to get my hands on classic hip hop music) can you ask 'Paul' if he's got a couple copies of 'Think' spare?" I heard her call over to him and make my request and get a muted "word, no doubt" in reply. "Thanks for that Dee, see you soon, Peace." I swear, less than 6 weeks later I see Dionne coming towards me while I'm spinning at Flava Of The Month down at The Boderline and she hands me 2 sealed copies of 'Think'.

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  1. Boom! Good to see you kick things off Teddy with a proper classic - that record was always a bitch to find. Do you know the story about the boxes of sealed Atom 12"s and Breaking Atom LPs found in a Toronto basement a couple of years back? Reportedly the basement of a Main Source cohort who had moved away many years before...
    Keep up the good work !

    Kid Dyno