Wednesday, 11 August 2010

We Came Here Tonight To Get Started, To Col' Act Ill And Get Retarded...

"Teddy, you NEED to do a blog!"

That's all I've been hearing for years! So I've finally decided to heed the words of my brothers and now I present to you..... thisstuffisreallyfresh!

I got a LOT of stories! I've lived a long time in hip hop and done a mad amount of things. I been an 80's teen hugging the speakers of my boom box, ears magnatized for the next b boy classic to throw on my D90 tape! I been a hungry emcee waiting up all night for the dj to play my joint on the radio! I been a fan-turned-pro, nervous as hell that I gotta interview one of my idols live on the air! I been backstage with Mom's spaghetti on my shirt already, about to go onstage and tear it down for a crowd of fans! I ain't saying I've done everything, but I've done a lot and along the way I've collected a whole lot of experiences that make hip hop something special for me.

Truth is, I've been wanting to pop open my can of true hip hop stories and share them with the world for a long time, but you know how it goes with real life getting in the way of having fun. So from today I'm gonna try to get some of the stories, music, thoughts, photos, jokes, opinions and general tales from my life in hip hop onto thisstuffisreallyfresh and out to anybody who wants to hear them. They'll be in no particular order. When I think of them I'll write them! I should also point out that these tales are TRUE! I will swear on my Kool Herc business card (wait til you hear that one!) that what I write here at thisstuffisreallyfresh is strictly non-fiction. I'm a grown up. I've never had a want and never had a need to write nonsense and lies about myself or anybody else.

Let me let you know though, I'm a hip hop dude.

I think hip hop. I speak hip hop. I love hip hop. I live hip hop (mostly!)

So if hip hop ain't your thing...I can't do nuthin' for you man!

Now let me take a trip down memory lane...

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  1. Very interesting! It's got me thinking about my b-boy days and why i fell in love with the culture in the late 80's... It seemed so vibrant,fun n serious back then and less money driven!! Thanks for the memories brudda keep em coming homeboy!! This stuff is really fricky fricky fresh for Twenty Ten you Suckazz!!!