Saturday, 27 October 2012

It's A Demo... 


I really, really thought I'd take this blogging thing more seriously. I had dreams of detailing my whole hip hop life online in words, pictures and sound.


I lied to myself! Well not exactly lied, but I definitely convinced myself I'd be posting way more stuff than I actually have. 

The comments and feedback so far has been positive and for that I'm thankful. I guess it means there are a few folks out there that give a sheeeet about what a hip hop head like me is rambling on about!!!  So a big Thank You to y'all that have stopped by and blessed me with a comment or two.

Well, I'm back on it for a minute now. Why? I'll tell you why. The other day while I was giving my music room a bit of reorganisation, a cassette tape hit me right in my forehead!

I flung it into the cassette deck and what did I hear coming back at me in full Dolby noise reduced quality?
'Break The Connection', a 1990 bedroom demo recording I did of a verse that I ended up using on PD3's 'Breaking The Silence'. 
I put it together with a pause button loop of the outro from K-Solo's 'Fugitive' (I didn't have the Grover Washington original back then!) and rhymed my ass off for 60 odd seconds! Listening to it now, I still marvel at my wordplay and flow. If only Rakim knew how close he came to getting dethroned by me!!
Basically, it was a diss aimed at Hip Hop Connection magazine. I'd won the 1990 DMC UK Rap Competition in March of that year and didn't get featured in the mag until 4 months later. I had no idea about 'lead times' and all that other publishing nonsense. I won a national rapping competition so interview me and print it! They didn't! So I was mad and did what any self respecting rapper does and dissed them. It's full of subliminal shots and sly metaphors. I'm pretty proud of it. My crew at the time was Black Gold and we were gonna do a full track dissing the hell outta the magazine but alas, that never made it to the 4 track recorder!

Grab it and have a listen...

'Break The Connection' 1990 Bedroom Demo