Thursday, 24 February 2011

Representing Is Illmatic...(Part 1)

Let me take you back to 1994. The year that one of hip hop's most celebrated albums dropped like a bomb on all of us who love this shit! Illmatic by Nas is one of those albums that is just damn near perfect in every sense. Lyrics & beats matched together so effortlessly it's ridiculous. At the time when this momentous piece of work was nearing release, I was co hosting the Friday Nite Flava with dj 279 on Choice FM. I remember that we had a sampler cd from Columbia records that Big L's "No Ends, No Skins" & "The World Is Yours" amongst some other joints. We played that track week after week ahead of the album coming out. I remember one week in particular 279 asked me to dial a number and ask for Nas himself and prep him for a phone interview. I was nervous as hell, but I called the number and spoke to this dude that kept saying "word, word" in his now legendary QB whisper! Man, I was talking to Nas - WOW!!!!
Well, that was amazing enough for me at the time, until a few weeks later 279 tells me we have the man himself coming to the show. WHAT? Nas? Here? Yep! He asked me to speak to a couple of my rhyming friends and invite them to the show for a freestyle session with Mr Nasir Olu Bin Dara Jones! Oh shit...It's on!

All I can say is click the link and listen to what went down during that freestyle session nearly 17 years ago!
I was rhyming with Nas! Yeah, I still get excited when I think about it!
Extra Super Dope props to Stickz, Sniper G - The Assassin, and of course dj 279.


  1. Good shit yo, thanks! But your boy step son is a clown.

  2. 17 years ago?? Damn I that makes me feel old lol...

    Good drop Ted and props for posting the link up.

  3. YESYESYES, good man Teddy Ted, cheers for the upload fella, dont be shy with those tapes tough guy !

    Loved how 279 was creasin up [ye fancy yerself as a Rappa?] the whole way through that last segment, classic fella, classic

    All the best

    Big CL

    Bonus Mello & Jonzi on 279 :

  4. Peace & Respect Ted for sharing this moment in Hip Hop History

  5. Thanks fellas, I appreciate the love. I'm new to this so it's good to know I'm kinda headed in the right direction.
    Much respect.

  6. You got the Choice fm Nas/Tyson show bruh?